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Company story / Founder story

  • An uncompleted order

    An uncompleted order

    In history, Qualitywell has never failed to complete an order but here’s the story of a thermometer .In 2010, Qualitywell, received an order from an America... READ MORE
  • Our 1% is customers‘ 100%

    Our 1% is customers‘ 100%

    23 years of professionalism, traveled from North America, Europe toAfrica. Discussing with customers trying to find out the pains they go through such as flu... READ MORE
  • US$200.000 loss of WIKA pressure gauge deal

    US$200.000 loss of WIKA pressure gauge deal

    During the period of war, there was this philosopher named Zhu Yang who one day walked through a junction and was confused since he didnt know which way to go. ... READ MORE
  • The Story of the Founder

    The Story of the Founder

    Theres a popular picture on wechat (a social network). The title is “What’s constant, and what’s changeable?” There were several answers, and the manager of... READ MORE
  • Customers trust is our responsibility

    Customers trust is our responsibility

    23years of experience in the instrument industry.Occupied 2 positions in 23 years, started as thermometer sales agent then became the GM of shanghai qualitywell... READ MORE


Shanghai Qualitywell has been focusing on the production of Bimetal thermometer for more than 20 years now. We provide all kinds of Bimetal thermometers. we have overseas market. We have a rich OEM experience thanks to customers growth. We can receive customized orders, small
and large quantity orders, we have a stock of raw materials and spare parts to rapidly provide samples.
The R&D team helps Qualitywell grows together with customers.

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customer story

  • A very sincere customer
  • A direct and fast customers
  •  Ordering food thermometer again
  • The customer is not professional ,but he is so carefully
  • A very sincere customer

    Last week, I got a call at the end of work. It is a very normal at Qualitywell speak, because at the end of the day is very busy every day. But if the custome... READ MORE
  • A direct and fast customers

    Spring is the touristic season, but it is a bad season of doing business ! Recently ,Don’t know what happened, it was such a good season for qualityw... READ MORE
  • Ordering food thermometer again

    QualityWell can produce all kinds of thermometers, It is used in different fields. For example, industry、agriculture、food and so on. Recently ,many people who... READ MORE
  • The customer is not professional ,but he is so carefully

    QualityWell has always been a very responsible company , Every salesman is also careful ,as long as customer have questions , The salesman will patiently answer... READ MORE

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